You don need to cast them, ever

She was close to using again. As we found out she had been n rehab three times, and I am talking teh very expensive places. Cops were there as is normal for a 911 call. When Clone enters the battlefield I have it enter as a copy of my Chancellor, which then allows me to cast my opponent Zombify AGAIN!!With this third Zombify I able to bring back my Sepulchral Primordial from my graveyard, and using its ability am allowed to take my opponent [[Mnemonic Wall]] from his graveyard. So, for only 4 MANA I able to rebuild my board that was wiped the previous turn, but I not done yet!Having this Mnemonic Wall entering the battlefield then allows me to get my [[Mind Grind]] back from my graveyard, and with this Mind Grind am able to cast it for 11 and mill all of my opponents to death!I playing a 4 way game with my girlfriend and two of our friends. She is running [[Jhoira of the Ghitu]] chaos, one friend is playing [[Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer]] politics, the other two decks are inconsequential.Jhoira drops a [[Shared Fate]], so we know things are going to get a little weird.

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